Client Center

Advanced File Sharing

With the ability to handle files of up to 10GB, ShareFile provides advanced emailing services, and faster communication. ShareFile is very reliable, and creates links within minutes.

Secure File Sharing

In addition to allowing us to easily share large job files, ShareFile also provides us (and our users) with added security during communication. With the quick shareable link, we are able to easily detect who we are sharing files with.

Benefits of our File
Transfer Center

Each customer has their own folder where they can upload neccessary project documents and files (max 100MB per upload) to Irwin Steel easily. We then download them from your folder. We can also upload documents and files to your folder vastly improving response time on approvals, changes, edits or updates. The biggest advantage over the previous ftp solution is, you have your own folder for your company and its projects with Irwin Steel accessible only by you and Irwin Steel.

What to do if your file(s) are over 100MB

Because of the memory restrictions on php file uploads our server is set to handle a maximum of 100MB per upload. Which in most cases suffices but when a file is over 100MB we need to resort to FTP (File transfer Protocol) methods or spanned archives. There are a couple options.

First if you are using WinZip you can elect to use the spanned archives method of creating the zip files whereby you can take your 500MB file and split it into 10 – 50MB zip files and you would be able to use our Client Center to upload all 10 files to specific a folder. You may also call or email us to request a SubFTP Account.

We will then create a unique UserID and Password and provide you with the Ftp Host Name so that you may upload the 100MB+ file(s) directly to our server using a FTP Client like WSFTP Pro or CuteFTP or any of the several FTP programs available out there.

Your SubFtp account will also provide you with a secure folder on our server that only you and Irwin Steel have access to. All SubFTP account folders are not accessible or spiderable from a browser and are htaccess protected to insure that no one can access your files except us and you.